Hello World!

Yes, I’m again trying to get back into programming, I have done some stuff before (wordpress, drupal), but nothing too complicated mostly HTML/CSS and some modifications to PHP. After rejecting the IT world for some years I’m back at it. I have been working as a Massage Therapist for the last two years and just like that the coronavirus just make me rethink my career.

I decided to start from the beginning this time, taking a more slow but steady path, putting into practice all that Self Actualization I have learned in the past 4 years. I hope to remember some of my classes in the uni about Inheritance, etc.

On the past weeks during the lockdown I started playing with an app called MIMO just to pass the boredom, that night I went to reddit just to get motivated about /fasting but out of curiosity I entered in the sub reddit forum /learnprogramming and just got very motivated. I was looking for free courses and started FreeCodeCamp, it is very good but I feel it is a little bit boring, still I’m going to finish it completely.

The Plan

My plan is to start from the very beginning. I decided to start doing The Odin Project and I’m still thinking on how I’m going to document this journey, at first I was thinking to start by logging everything in excel but I remembered this old blog that I never started and could serve as a repository of my journey.

I still need to figure out how Im going to log the hours, the concepts, the languages etc. This blog is going to be very boring to the common people, but if you are trying to learn Web Development it would be helpful. Im also planning to write about other stuff that no one cares.

PS: I also started to learn some mycology.